Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hi Friends!!!!

So many wonderful things to report!

I had another appointment with my specialist yesterday. Caycen's kidney has remained stable and his intestines are normal. In fact, his little bladder was full and the dr. decided that that the blockage was after his bladder in his urethra. So all it will take is a catheter to clear the extra tissue. Probably something they will do while he undergoes a circumcision (ouchy). Praise the Lord...I keep thanking him whenever Caycen moves in my enormous belly!
I have another follow up next week to see how big Caycen is. The specialist said that if he continues to do well inside I can wait until my body is ready and dialates on its own before going into the hospital. So as of now we are looking at the first week of August (latest 9th or 10th).
Oh and get this...I knew I liked my specialist! She walked in yesterday in some beautiful maroon Texas A&M scrubs! Of course I had to ask first, but indeed she is an Aggie...she even passed up an full ride for her undergrad to UT!!!! LOL She said both her 5 & 7 year old know all the yells and traditions of cool huh?
Savannah is changing like rapid fire! Last Thursday I was making dinner and cleaning up the kitchen when she came running in from her crib. Yep she had climbed out after her nap-never even heard her on the monitor (thankfully without hurting herself). So that night we started the big girl bed (already set up) and she has been there ever since. I will say that the first few nights were short ones(7-8 hours as opposed to 12 hours) and the first naps were half the time at best but we have found normality again! Yeah!
She has also started to not like her potty training may be before Caycen after all...but everything I've read said be prepared to redo it after a new sibling...we shall see...

Shelby and I are thankful, joyous home owners. It seems the chore of moving has overwhelmed us but we are enjoying it (if you can believe that-its such a blessing) The reality has hit me that we have to get it all done soon b/c Caycen is likely in 4 weeks...and I still have some school work to get done for my sub! YIKES>

Hope everyone is wonderful. Lots of love.
thanks for listening and all your support!
Sawyer Family

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