Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Caycen Update

Well we met with the specialist, both Shelby and I loved her she was very professional. She was also very thorough on questions and finding out family history. She did say that kindey issues have been linked to Down Syndrome, which most of you know my twin brother has (Chris). She told us to check my risk assessment for downs with my regular OB and double it; i.e. if my risk was 1/500, my real risk is now 1/250. So naturally, being me, I drug Shelby to my OB office, downstairs from the specialist and asked my risk! LOL My risk is at 1/2050, so my real risk in this scenario is 1/1025. And according to everything I have "googled" a positive means you are less than 1/250. So I would say we are good there...it was funny to see the look on my OB's face when we came in asking to see our screening results for downs...she was like "uh ok, what is that other lady saying to you all"! LOL Not to mention most down's babies have heart murmers and Caycen has a perfect heart, according to the specialist!
So, what is it then u may ask? LOL Well, his left kidney and ureter is normal! Praise the Lord, his right has gained some size to a level over 1cm, which now categorizes him as having "hydro-nephrosis", enlarged kidney! LOL He will be checked JUNE 15th to follow up. Depending on that appt. if its stable we are good, if not we go and meet a pediatric urologist (sp?). He will determine if the surgery has to occur sooner or later, which could mean early enducement, at birth or at 1 year of age. It is a simple outpatient procedure and they place a scope "up there" and clean out the tissue that is blocking the ureter. Pretty routine sounding....why are boys so complicated!?!?!? LOL

She did give us two 3-D pics of Caycen, his face, smooshed by the amb. cord and his sweet lil feet, which are crossed just like his sisters! Savannah crossed her feet for the first 6 months of life (her hands too for that matter)!

OH--GET THIS--he is already 2.5 lbs, which is over a pound more than most at this stage, so they are predicting 9-10 lbs at birth! I'm already in pain! LOL Just kidding...but I do think we might have to be induced again/or c-section (hope not, not a fan of surgery).

PS: I think its a daddy Shelby nose! Too cute!

Love all of you, thank you for your prayers

Monday, May 11, 2009

Our New House (Prospective)

We signed on a contract on Friday, and the sellers signed off on it Saturday~so all we have left to do is an inspection and an appraisal...we will close early to mid June!!!!! Just in time to decorate Savannah's new girly room and Caycen's baby boy room! We are so excited!!!
Just a few pics...

We will keep you updated for sure!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Caycen's Name

everyone has asked....to say his name think "case-n"
love ya'll