Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Clean Bill of Health~So Excited

We had our last appointment with the specialist on Tuesday morning. She checked his bowels and right kidney, his bowels are normal and his kidney has shrunk some more! Praise the Lord...thanks for your prayers everyone!

She also measured him again, he is now 7lbs and 13ozs...we will quickly be 8lbs or more!!!

I have had contractions since last Monday, and in fact this Monday about 2am I had consistant and hard contractions. Once I clocked them for an hour(8-9 minutes apart), I woke Shelby up and said we might be going to the hospital soon. Of course not~lol~by 4:30 they stopped...

So hopefully before our next appointment with my OB we will be posting pictures of Caycen!

love ya'll

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

7.5 lbs and growing

Many thanks once again, all is well with baby Caycen...he has a clean bill of health and is expected anyday...his size and position in my uterus explains all the hip issues I have checks my cervix (TMI) on Thursday and warned it could send me into we have some things to do! Knowing my luck I will be preggers come the first week of August and have an 11 lb baby! OOOOOOOUUUUCCCHHHHH! LOL

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hi Friends!!!!

So many wonderful things to report!

I had another appointment with my specialist yesterday. Caycen's kidney has remained stable and his intestines are normal. In fact, his little bladder was full and the dr. decided that that the blockage was after his bladder in his urethra. So all it will take is a catheter to clear the extra tissue. Probably something they will do while he undergoes a circumcision (ouchy). Praise the Lord...I keep thanking him whenever Caycen moves in my enormous belly!
I have another follow up next week to see how big Caycen is. The specialist said that if he continues to do well inside I can wait until my body is ready and dialates on its own before going into the hospital. So as of now we are looking at the first week of August (latest 9th or 10th).
Oh and get this...I knew I liked my specialist! She walked in yesterday in some beautiful maroon Texas A&M scrubs! Of course I had to ask first, but indeed she is an Aggie...she even passed up an full ride for her undergrad to UT!!!! LOL She said both her 5 & 7 year old know all the yells and traditions of cool huh?
Savannah is changing like rapid fire! Last Thursday I was making dinner and cleaning up the kitchen when she came running in from her crib. Yep she had climbed out after her nap-never even heard her on the monitor (thankfully without hurting herself). So that night we started the big girl bed (already set up) and she has been there ever since. I will say that the first few nights were short ones(7-8 hours as opposed to 12 hours) and the first naps were half the time at best but we have found normality again! Yeah!
She has also started to not like her potty training may be before Caycen after all...but everything I've read said be prepared to redo it after a new sibling...we shall see...

Shelby and I are thankful, joyous home owners. It seems the chore of moving has overwhelmed us but we are enjoying it (if you can believe that-its such a blessing) The reality has hit me that we have to get it all done soon b/c Caycen is likely in 4 weeks...and I still have some school work to get done for my sub! YIKES>

Hope everyone is wonderful. Lots of love.
thanks for listening and all your support!
Sawyer Family

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The specialist said Caycen's right kidney has actually shrunk some from 1.6 to 1.4! Praise the Lord! Thank you for your faithful prayers! His intestine shows no signs of distress and she admitted it was probably just his meconium beginning to build for his big debut...I can't wait!

I did however have 3 contractions, only 2 of which I felt while on the we had a fun trip to the L&D ward at Sierra...I was thrilled! LOL Good Times!

Our trip to VA/DC was great, Shelby and I really enjoyed our getaway but desperately wanted to be back home to finish setting up house! As cliche as it sounds "there's no place like home".

We were able to eat some fabulous sea bass and clam chowder ever! It was fun too b/c everyone was preparing for this weeks festivities to celebrate our amazing country's birthday!

Until next time...Happy Fourth of July!!!!!

Sawyer Family

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Getting Settled

Well, we moved in this weekend...gosh it is so sureal...I can't believe we have a house and "all the fixin's"!
No doubt it is an exhausting experience! But sooooooo worth it!

Shelby leaves tomorrow morning bright and early for VA; a training seminar...I will catch up with him Wednesday...nice little get away!

Caycen is growing daily...I can feel his frustration as he tries to move ... anxious to see what my OB says on Tuesday and then the specialist next Monday...

Savannah is adjusting well, after we get back its into a big girl bed and potty time! YIPPEE!!!!

Our other babies, Major and Mazie are adjusting but I think Mazie is sad. She misses her carefree runs across 2 acres...Major is probably loving the cleanliness of "city life". LOL

That is about it...hope all is well with everyone else...keep us new posts lately!

love to all
erica lynn

Monday, June 15, 2009

Some new pics

Another Caycen Update

I had another appointment today with the specialist...the good news is that his rt. kidney has somewhat stabilized. He measured 1.3cm last time and today it measured 1.3 one direction and 1.6 another she said that was good. Check SpellingHowever, she noticed some inflammation in his bowels. So that has to be monitored as well. It isn't critical(probably a mucus plug) unless it changes a lot or he becomes distressed. She also said that big babies have an easier time clearing their bowels. (Shelby and I think this is a moot point because not that many babies are monitored at this stage and this is when it becomes apparent) I will go back on Monday,June 29th, 2 weeks from now for another check up. We will keep you posted.
Some fun news, he already weighs 4lbs and 6oz, nearly 4 and half pounds...he is at the 96th percentile~and if I am allowed to go full term he will be over 10 lbs.
She tried really hard to get a good pic, but everytime she clicked, he moved! Lil' stinker! After trying to get a good pic of his face, which he blocked everytime by placing his hands over his face...she shot for his beautiful lil' hands, but then he just clenched his fists! LOL So we didn't get any new pics~darn it all!

Thanks for all the prayers and love.
Shelby, Erica, Savannah & Caycen

Official Home Owners

We closed on our first home today!!!! More info and pics to follow when we get the keys on Thursday, the seller needed some time to "clean up". Can hardly wait! Not like we don't have a ton of packing/unpacking to do!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Caycen Update

Well we met with the specialist, both Shelby and I loved her she was very professional. She was also very thorough on questions and finding out family history. She did say that kindey issues have been linked to Down Syndrome, which most of you know my twin brother has (Chris). She told us to check my risk assessment for downs with my regular OB and double it; i.e. if my risk was 1/500, my real risk is now 1/250. So naturally, being me, I drug Shelby to my OB office, downstairs from the specialist and asked my risk! LOL My risk is at 1/2050, so my real risk in this scenario is 1/1025. And according to everything I have "googled" a positive means you are less than 1/250. So I would say we are good was funny to see the look on my OB's face when we came in asking to see our screening results for downs...she was like "uh ok, what is that other lady saying to you all"! LOL Not to mention most down's babies have heart murmers and Caycen has a perfect heart, according to the specialist!
So, what is it then u may ask? LOL Well, his left kidney and ureter is normal! Praise the Lord, his right has gained some size to a level over 1cm, which now categorizes him as having "hydro-nephrosis", enlarged kidney! LOL He will be checked JUNE 15th to follow up. Depending on that appt. if its stable we are good, if not we go and meet a pediatric urologist (sp?). He will determine if the surgery has to occur sooner or later, which could mean early enducement, at birth or at 1 year of age. It is a simple outpatient procedure and they place a scope "up there" and clean out the tissue that is blocking the ureter. Pretty routine sounding....why are boys so complicated!?!?!? LOL

She did give us two 3-D pics of Caycen, his face, smooshed by the amb. cord and his sweet lil feet, which are crossed just like his sisters! Savannah crossed her feet for the first 6 months of life (her hands too for that matter)!

OH--GET THIS--he is already 2.5 lbs, which is over a pound more than most at this stage, so they are predicting 9-10 lbs at birth! I'm already in pain! LOL Just kidding...but I do think we might have to be induced again/or c-section (hope not, not a fan of surgery).

PS: I think its a daddy Shelby nose! Too cute!

Love all of you, thank you for your prayers

Monday, May 11, 2009

Our New House (Prospective)

We signed on a contract on Friday, and the sellers signed off on it Saturday~so all we have left to do is an inspection and an appraisal...we will close early to mid June!!!!! Just in time to decorate Savannah's new girly room and Caycen's baby boy room! We are so excited!!!
Just a few pics...

We will keep you updated for sure!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Caycen's Name

everyone has say his name think "case-n"
love ya'll

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stroller & Play-doh Time

Savannah is 21 months in 2 days! I seriously can't believe it, our baby girl is growing up so fast!

Anyhoo~here are some fun pics of her with her new baby stroller and playing with play doh. Oh and this morning I think I found her new favorite breakfast~French Toast~yummy!

Caycen Appointment Update

Hi All!
I went to my 6 month check up yesterday, Tuesday. My Dr. said I shouldn't be alarmed or worried because it is very rare that the little one has to undergo surgery. I told her it is so easy to say not to worry but I am the world's worst at NOT taking my own advice. Needless to say I received my referral for the specialist and made my appointment. I will have the 4-D ultrasound with the specialist on Monday, May 11 @ 1pm. If ya'll would please pray for healing in that time and for the Holy Spirit to meet us at the doctor's office!
Thank you ahead of time
The Sawyer Family
Shelby, Erica, Savannah & Caycen

Friday, April 24, 2009

Quick Prayer Request

My OB just called after looking over my second sonogram and said Caycen has an enlarged ureter (tube between his kidney and bladder) on his right side. So we have to go in and get a 4-D sono so the specialist can double check everything. There is a possibility it is due to a valve that little boys have that little girls don't...She also said b/c my amniotic fluid is normal this is a "just in case" issue....nine times out of ten it turns out fine. The 10% that turn out to be an issue have to be monitored and may require surgery after ME being ME~I'm easily stressed out when things aren't "as expected".
So please pray for a healing for Caycen and peace for his mommy.

erica lynn

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Life Right Now

Goodness Where to Begin?!?!

We are all wonderful!
Shelby has been working for the US Army since February as an Operations Specialist. He is part of a new unit called the MSE, the Military Support Element, which is a line of support for all units connected to Ft. Bliss. He ensures that each unit is taking care of their assignments and duties. So far he really likes it, he tells me all the time, "it feels great that my job has so much meaning, and others are counting on me". Which makes me smile, Shelby has always been such a driven individual, but he really excels when what he is doing has meaning! So thankful for such an amazing husband~we are all so glad he has graduated and has school behind him...not his favorite thing! LOL

Savannah is growing like a weed. She is 20 months right now. She can say about 35 words or more...some of her favorites, cheese, water, bath, shoes "chews", outside, down, up, stop "top", mama, dada, buba (brother), no no no, please "peas"...list goes on! She is able to climb just about anywhere in the house. I think by bday #2 its time for a jungle-jim (sp?). She seems to be a little more stubburn too, I see both Shelby and I and our thick heads in her! LOL She definitely has established that she is above the dogs, they get told "no and top and down" often! LOL

Caycen is growing a bunch! He is now 22 weeks or 5 1/2 months...he moves constantly. In fact, that is why all his sono pictures are blurry compared to Savannah's pic's. He is in constant motion! I am sure this is a forshadowing of what is to come with having a little boy! Sometimes I look at my boy students and think which one will he be more like? Kinda Scary!?!? I love him already! Shelby was able to feel him move last night, but like Savannah as soon as Daddy touches my belly "silence". The first time he "jumped" was in the middle of the Easter Sunday service, made me laugh out loud! I am so ready for him to be here!!!

I am pregnant!!!!! That about says it all! I run out of energy to play with my nearly 2 year old daughter...I am stuggling to bend over much, he sits soo low! However, on good days~those are by far better than good days and not being pregnant, has to be a "pregnant high"...having 2 lives joined together! Such a miracle! Right now at school I am preparing all my materials for my long term sub next year. On top of which the administration has changed my curriculum to Physics(previously Biology)...which is turning out to be a blessing (Lord knows). I will have all Juniors and Seniors, many returning excited. Oh and praise the Lord, the sub I have totally volunteered for the part time which isn't great for him b/c they only pay him 50%.

Life is good in the Sawyer house! Lots of love to everyone!

Shelby Erica and Savannah (soon to be Caycen)

PS: a picture from Easter 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sonogram Pics

Caycen's from 5 weeks, one from 8 weeks, one from 18 weeks and one from 22 weeks...

Caycen Austin's First Pictures!

They will be posted tonight! I had another sonogram yesterday to follow up on a low lying placenta, which praise the Lord is normal now!

Our First Post

Testing 1-2-3!
Our First Post! LOL