Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Clean Bill of Health~So Excited

We had our last appointment with the specialist on Tuesday morning. She checked his bowels and right kidney, his bowels are normal and his kidney has shrunk some more! Praise the Lord...thanks for your prayers everyone!

She also measured him again, he is now 7lbs and 13ozs...we will quickly be 8lbs or more!!!

I have had contractions since last Monday, and in fact this Monday about 2am I had consistant and hard contractions. Once I clocked them for an hour(8-9 minutes apart), I woke Shelby up and said we might be going to the hospital soon. Of course not~lol~by 4:30 they stopped...

So hopefully before our next appointment with my OB we will be posting pictures of Caycen!

love ya'll

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  1. So exciting! We can't wait for baby Caycen to be born :) Our prayers are with you!!!! Love ya, mel