Sunday, June 21, 2009

Getting Settled

Well, we moved in this weekend...gosh it is so sureal...I can't believe we have a house and "all the fixin's"!
No doubt it is an exhausting experience! But sooooooo worth it!

Shelby leaves tomorrow morning bright and early for VA; a training seminar...I will catch up with him Wednesday...nice little get away!

Caycen is growing daily...I can feel his frustration as he tries to move ... anxious to see what my OB says on Tuesday and then the specialist next Monday...

Savannah is adjusting well, after we get back its into a big girl bed and potty time! YIPPEE!!!!

Our other babies, Major and Mazie are adjusting but I think Mazie is sad. She misses her carefree runs across 2 acres...Major is probably loving the cleanliness of "city life". LOL

That is about it...hope all is well with everyone else...keep us new posts lately!

love to all
erica lynn

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