Monday, June 15, 2009

Another Caycen Update

I had another appointment today with the specialist...the good news is that his rt. kidney has somewhat stabilized. He measured 1.3cm last time and today it measured 1.3 one direction and 1.6 another she said that was good. Check SpellingHowever, she noticed some inflammation in his bowels. So that has to be monitored as well. It isn't critical(probably a mucus plug) unless it changes a lot or he becomes distressed. She also said that big babies have an easier time clearing their bowels. (Shelby and I think this is a moot point because not that many babies are monitored at this stage and this is when it becomes apparent) I will go back on Monday,June 29th, 2 weeks from now for another check up. We will keep you posted.
Some fun news, he already weighs 4lbs and 6oz, nearly 4 and half pounds...he is at the 96th percentile~and if I am allowed to go full term he will be over 10 lbs.
She tried really hard to get a good pic, but everytime she clicked, he moved! Lil' stinker! After trying to get a good pic of his face, which he blocked everytime by placing his hands over his face...she shot for his beautiful lil' hands, but then he just clenched his fists! LOL So we didn't get any new pics~darn it all!

Thanks for all the prayers and love.
Shelby, Erica, Savannah & Caycen

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