Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Life Right Now

Goodness Where to Begin?!?!

We are all wonderful!
Shelby has been working for the US Army since February as an Operations Specialist. He is part of a new unit called the MSE, the Military Support Element, which is a line of support for all units connected to Ft. Bliss. He ensures that each unit is taking care of their assignments and duties. So far he really likes it, he tells me all the time, "it feels great that my job has so much meaning, and others are counting on me". Which makes me smile, Shelby has always been such a driven individual, but he really excels when what he is doing has meaning! So thankful for such an amazing husband~we are all so glad he has graduated and has school behind him...not his favorite thing! LOL

Savannah is growing like a weed. She is 20 months right now. She can say about 35 words or more...some of her favorites, cheese, water, bath, shoes "chews", outside, down, up, stop "top", mama, dada, buba (brother), no no no, please "peas"...list goes on! She is able to climb just about anywhere in the house. I think by bday #2 its time for a jungle-jim (sp?). She seems to be a little more stubburn too, I see both Shelby and I and our thick heads in her! LOL She definitely has established that she is above the dogs, they get told "no and top and down" often! LOL

Caycen is growing a bunch! He is now 22 weeks or 5 1/2 months...he moves constantly. In fact, that is why all his sono pictures are blurry compared to Savannah's pic's. He is in constant motion! I am sure this is a forshadowing of what is to come with having a little boy! Sometimes I look at my boy students and think which one will he be more like? Kinda Scary!?!? I love him already! Shelby was able to feel him move last night, but like Savannah as soon as Daddy touches my belly "silence". The first time he "jumped" was in the middle of the Easter Sunday service, made me laugh out loud! I am so ready for him to be here!!!

I am pregnant!!!!! That about says it all! I run out of energy to play with my nearly 2 year old daughter...I am stuggling to bend over much, he sits soo low! However, on good days~those are by far better than good days and not being pregnant, has to be a "pregnant high"...having 2 lives joined together! Such a miracle! Right now at school I am preparing all my materials for my long term sub next year. On top of which the administration has changed my curriculum to Physics(previously Biology)...which is turning out to be a blessing (Lord knows). I will have all Juniors and Seniors, many returning excited. Oh and praise the Lord, the sub I have totally volunteered for the part time which isn't great for him b/c they only pay him 50%.

Life is good in the Sawyer house! Lots of love to everyone!

Shelby Erica and Savannah (soon to be Caycen)

PS: a picture from Easter 2009

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